Back to the Bull & Bear!

7 Feb

All back and refreshed for a wonderful new year of board games! So many people that we were quite squished into our traditional January venue, the friendly Bull & Bear tavern! (Turns out they were running two other events at the same time!)

A very big game of the offensive game Cards Against Humanity – the table just kept getting longer and longer! Starring also very long card boxes to the right. Great to have people start to clap the winning answers! A great innovation 🙂 Were you playing the normal style or the “voting for answers” one?

Time to chat over a respectable game of Rummikub!

Dixit! I’m always a bit wary about how it will go with people from different cultures, but it seems our Russians fit right in!

Interesting to see Scrabble players often getting into Qwirkle – I guess it is basically “Scrabble without letters”. (Comedian Eddie Izzard would be pleased “Scrabble was huge before language!” 2 mins)

Pop-0-matic fun with the retro game Trouble! I wonder who is losing? 😉

New game Coup – whether you play it as a game of intrigue set in mediaeval Italy or an indeterminate dystopian future, it seemed to be popular.

Classic 19th century American game Chinese Checkers – so simple and adaptable for up to 6 players, and colourful too!

Contentious! Good-natured debate is often part of Anomia. Here no doubt they’re discussing whether something really is a vegetable.

Aha! The Aussie edition of Cranium! No longer in print. Had to search for several years before I got this copy. Now it’s all the black “international” edition. It’s such a classic party game!

Scrabble! But not any Scrabble, it’s the infamous Scrabble Trickster!

The classic bluffing and deception game: Werewolf! Everyone’s looking a bit shifty!

No, they haven’t gotten their cards back to front – that’s how you play Hanabi – the fireworks game – everyone else can see your cards, just not you!

Stomp your feet like a brontosaurus!!! (song) I’m not sure how many other games have little brontosaurus* pieces?!! We did our best evolving our dinosaurs in Evo, with space so tight on the table that not only did we have to fear the prophesied meteor coming to wipe everyone out, but also meteors of giant chunks of broccoli dipped in gravy! Peeeow!!!
(* yes, yes I know they’re called Apatosauruses these days)

Settlers of Catan offered a more tranquil island I hope? With lots of trading, bartering, and business deals? With so much clay at his disposal, I’m sure Scotty rapidly built up his empire!!

Two player game of the deep-space game Exodus. Ahh guys, I think you dropped one of your little wooden cylinders. I have it in lost property, remind me to return it to you.

Great to see we even managed to squeeze in the Mahjong players! If you’re curious, Leo and his team are only too happy to teach you the rules and coach you in some games. It’s the ancestor of western games like Gin Rummy, Rummikub and Canasta.

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We look forward to seeing you again soon, for some great gaming fun! 🙂
(Remember we have a calendar under “events” at the top of this site)


One Response to “Back to the Bull & Bear!”

  1. Kris May 4, 2014 at 3:27 pm #

    Only just saw this, aww the memories… Keep up the good work Chris!

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