2013 Botanic Gardens Games Picnic!

8 Jan

Okay, I’m very slack with getting posts out here, but here’s a quick one – a run down of the annual December games picnic-in-a-park that we had last month!

I have to say, it was an absolutely perfect day, and probably the best of these that I’ve ever run – sunny, but not too hot, or too blowy. We had a good turnout of fun people – though not as many people as said they were coming!! – Well, quality over quantity, right? 😀
Food and games and people everywhere!

very sedate game of Billionaire – they’re not even standing up!

Saving the world in Pandemic – looks so much brighter and cheerier out in the sun!

Tsuro! “The Game of the Path” – such a nice simple icebreaker

Bunch of artists sketching out confusing drawings in Telestrations

Carcassonne – this time with contoured land! 😉

Ascension – I just love the red gems!

Imaginiff – finding out how your friends see you. Do they see you more as a car or a train? Fountain pen or ballpoint? Imaginiff video review by DiceTower

To the uninitiated, a mess of string – but to the knowing, a crafty transit system of train lines linking up busy stations – it’s String Railway!

Another game of Pandemic starts…

Samurai Sword card gameGAME REVIEW! We also had the opportunity to try out the new game “Samurai Sword”, a version of the classic Wild West game Bang, now themed for feudal Japan!
Read my review of Samurai Sword here.

Rollick – Reverse Charades!

Thanks to Tom for making this cute animation of some of the guys playing Rollick – the game of “reverse charades” where a whole team has to act out words to be guessed by one team member sitting down.

Your word is … “cuddle” …
Animated GIF of people playing ROLLICK

Thanks everyone for a great end to a very busy year!

– Christopher

PS … have you seen Board With Life yet? I’ve just gotten onto it. There are lots of board game videos out there, but this YouTube comedy series focuses on the dramas of a small board games group. They skip most of the actual games, but if you like it, they also do extra skits, board game reviews and news …

Here’s the trailer, but you’ll want to go to the Board With Life series playlist to actually watch the series


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