April Games … photos!

17 May

A quick dash through some of the games we played at the Big “Cafe Games” games day in April …

Aha, a refreshing round of Rummikub!

Yes of course, it’s the Resistance! So many liars!

Quebec is such a colourful place!

more Resistance!

A new version of our perennial favourite Perpetual Commotion, cards flying all over the place!!

“Refusal may offend” … hoarding in Settlers of Catan … just sic the Robber on him!

Folks getting weird playing Mahjong (4+ tables of Mahjong)

Tsuro – “The Way of the Path” … always a good intro game for a large group … (up to 8 !)

There’s a card behind that cup … but what’s under the card? Was she lying about which bug-card she’s trying to palm off on him? Is it spider? Fly? Scorpion? Cockroach? Even rat or bat? He can’t afford to be tricked into taking another blue fly. Cockroach Poker!

Rummikub again … concentration!!

Qwirkle … looks like they’ve kept a pretty consistent pattern of colours

The sunny fields of Carcassonne

What an acrobat! A highly improbable tower in Bausack!

I’m not sure mystical Taoist Monks are supposed to look so gleeful even when they’ve just defeated the plans of the evil undead emperor Wu Feng and his creepy minions … but that’s Ghost Stories (score 22/intro)

See you all next time! 🙂

(remember our website’s Google Calendar for events – you can use it on your phones – Cafe Games Calendar )


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