Board Game Tournament Winners!

19 Apr

Missed hearing about the winners of our board game tournaments at the start of March? I thought I’d recap on the event “for those of you playing along at home…”

Great thanks to Charles and his team from Sydney’s Toy and Game Expo who returned to Melbourne to run the Tournaments. But it was great to see Cafe Games regulars strongly represented amongst the winners!

Cafe Games folks filling up the rest of the room with all sorts of other games!

The Rummikub final table with (L-R) Stuart Lamble, Sonika Balyan, Thomas Pagano, and Steven Cartarrasa

The Settlers of Catan finalists (L-R): Shilpa Rao, Maree Johns, Elijah & David Cordover

Finalists at the Dominion table, L-R: Simon Pearce, Luke Winter, Ben Turner and Sara Annan

Memoire 44 Victorian Champion Daniel Watson with runner up Peter Craig. Thanks to Keith Done from Qld’s League of Extraordinary Gamers for flying down to run Tournament.”

Ticket to Ride finalists: (L-R): Will Yun, Melissa Coulson, Kim & Trevor McGuire

Second win in two years for Carcassonne champion Peter Parkes!

Gracious Rummikub winner Sonika Balyan

Cafe Games regular Sonika also went on to improve on her victory by getting engaged to Dominion finalist Simon Pearce! Congratulations guys!!

For precise details of the placings, see the Toy and Game Expo website and also their Facebook page for the complete rankings of the Carcassonne tournament

See you all back again next year for a rematch!


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