Another Great Year of Games!

22 Dec

Wow, another wonderful year of board games has absolutely streaked past!

Today’s edition of The Age newspaper has the article “A whole new board game” … featuring quotes from many interesting people including one Christopher from Cafe Games!

For those of you who didn’t manage to make it to our end of year picnic at Albert Park, here are some snaps from the fun time we had!

Always popular … Qwirkle

“Arrrrgh! Me SMASH!! No wait, me … build you nice house???”

A smash hit at the picnic, “Ugg-tect” (sounds like “architect”) has rival caveman architects instructing their team of grunting workers on how to put together a building precisely to their plans. But they can only communicate in a special code of caveman language “Akungu Manungu!” and strange gestures like waving arms and stamping feet…. oh and the inflatable spiked club … for both negative AND positive reinforcement 😉

Playing “Grass” on the grass … I mean they’re in a park … oh nevermind.

A very busy, colourful game of Blokus

Teeny tiny travel Qwirkle!

Stomple! Use your stomper to squish other player’s marbles.

Good old Trivial Pursuit! (Apparently some of you have been living under a rock and don’t know it – players race each other around the board answering tricky quiz questions in order to proceed. Where you land determines the category of the questions – eg History, Science, Sport, Entertainment, Geography, Arts)
I gather some of you were a little nervous about whether we’d get bothered by swans, as per last year’s onslaught? Never fear we had only one curious swan turn up with two fuzzy babies, and they wandered off when we didn’t let them join in our games 🙂

Recently I’ve been a bit busy to upload videos and photos, but starting to get on top of it, so you never know, some of the backlog might start to appear! Including the notorious Anti Football League event from late September….

“Football!!! Bringing about the DOWNFALL OF SOCIETY!!! Wait – my wine glass is empty!!” 🙂

See you next year!

We’ll look forward to seeing you again in 2013 for another fun filled year of friends and games! Check out our Events Calendar above – all of our regular BIG games days are already listed (and on Meetup, shortly on Facebook) (Irregular events like 500 nights, will appear along the way)


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