Remember May?

15 Jun

Yes, just in time for this month’s games day, here’s our video of the great games day in May, including various games …


(Feel free to leave your own further down, but here are some already received)

  • Ross

    The atmosphere was relaxed, I had fun and met some people who seemed to be nice.
  • Pha

    Really enjoyed it once again. Great to see returning friendly faces and always good to see newbies. Thank you Chris for setting up another great day of fun! See ya all next month.
  • Dimple

    Great day….yet again!!
  • Shane

    Thanks Chris, Had such a laugh playing Lifeboats
  • Andrew

    Great, many thanks to Simon for teaching us how to play Tanto Cuore. Cheers.
  • Kerrin

    Great event. A lovely relaxing time playing games with friends and new friends. Highly recommend. If you are nervous about coming, don’t be. Great event, great people.
  • Sisiely

    4 stars only coz I didn’t get to stay longer and play more games, will definitely be back next time!
  • Philippe

    Great fun as always!
  • Kathy

    Perfect day, perfect venue, great food, great people. Thanks Christopher for organizing.
  • David

    I really did enjoy the Big Saturday Boardgames Day, there were many great games to play and the people I played games with were all friendly and were all there to have fun! I’ll be back!
  • Peter

    Flawless like usual, month after month.
  • Christine

    Thanks for organising this Chris, I had a great time, looking forward to the next one.
  • Solomon

    Fun, if even I could only be there for an hour. Big thanks to Luke for teaching us Tsuro.
  • Phil

    Great people, relaxing games, emphasis on having a laugh!! Lotsa fun!!

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