April Games Video Snippets!

4 May

Well here we go … as promised, instead of photos this month, here’s a video of some of the games we had at Cafe Games in April. Of course this was a mere fraction…


(Feel free to leave your own further down, but here are some already received)

  • Jeff M
    Great selection of games, nice comfy venue and friendliest introducing themselves…. I had a blast =D
  • Peter N

    Great as usual in a great venue. I arrived at 6pm, wished I arrived at 12pm. I 2nd David’s comment about the Big Sat Boardgames meetups needing to be every two weeks. I’ve thought the same for a while now. It’s just too successful and it’s too long to wait between each one, lol.
  • Jules

    Fantastic as always! I arrived late and still managed to get in 5 different games and met more awesome people, as well as catching up with people I met last time or at other events. I’ll second David’s suggestion for a second Cafe Games events each month – it would be super if it could be organized. Thanks for creating a wonderful event Christopher!
  • Dimple

    Fantastic totally loved it..people were very friendly and got to play 7-8 new games…look forward to this again!!!!
  • Danielle W

    Had a Great Time!!!
  • Nat

    Had a fantastic time – my first time at cafe games. Can’t wait for the next one!
  • Andrew
    Great, we had a fantastic time. Many thanks to Christopher for another great Boardgames day.
  • Alex H

  • Chee-Yan

    Another brilliant day of social fun and gaming.
  • Melissa P

    I had a great time. I stayed for 6 hours, would have stayed more but I had to leave. Everyone was friendly, the games were fun and I felt welcomed. I will definitely be attending more.
  • Philippe D
    First time and it was really fun. See you all next time! Werewolf Protip: NEVER ever be a banker.
  • Dinusha

    Another great day!
  • Kathy

    Great day, played 5 different games all with different groups of fun people.
  • David
    I really enjoyed the Big Saturday Boardgames day, there were so many games to play and there was a large turn out of people to play with, awesome! Can we have 2 Big Saturday Boardgames event a month? I can volunteer to be an assistant organiser if we could have a 2nd event each month 🙂
  • Shane

    As always a totally brilliant time. Loved every minute. Thank’s Christopher for another amazing day.
  • Amy

    All ways fun. Recommend werewolf and rollick!
  • Solomon M. G
    Introduced more people to Eurogames.
  • Phil

    First Cafe Games i have been to … great fun, great company, everyone was very welcoming … cant wait for the next one !!!
  • Angeline

    Great way to spend an afternoon; good venue and lots of friendly, outgoing people!

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