So many photos in March!

13 Apr

Well, the BIG Cafe Games Days are generating so many photos these days, I might have to change things up. Do something special like only picking the top 5 or something. Or maybe even videos instead? Thanks to Shane for many of these extra photos.
Wow, so many games to be played!

Thanks to recent French import Martine for teaching Solo – a game with an uncanny resemblance to Uno, except it has lots of different cards. (It’s okay – there is a whole family of games like that)

Four suspicious types skulking along Spy Alley. You can see everything they’re doing, but can you guess who is who?

Such a funky modern-looking game – all about life in the Stone Age!

Our country may have been overtaken by the Evil Empire, but we, The Resistance, gather in secret to make plans to sabotage their bases. Wait a moment – you look very sneaky … could you possibly be an Evil spy? No? Well of course that’s what a spy would say.

Some of the more literate of us engaging in a spot of Scrabble! At first I thought you had managed a 12 letter word there! Not quite 🙂


Brave adventurers carefully climbing the dangerous, windswept peak of K2 (the mountain)

Another new game from Luke – PICTOMANIA – it’s a little like Pictionary, except you’re all both drawing and guessing pictures at the same time!!! Manic!

Masons. My, that green countryside looks lovely … what it really needs is WALLS! Walls built everywhere! Cities and houses and palaces! Sure, you can pursue your own secret objectives – but make sure you build lots of walls and houses!!

Qwirkle, always the most colourful puzzle-game!

Yes Ticket To Ride with its colourful train tracks is kinda pretty too

Ora et Labora = “Pray and Work!” Work to develop your mediaeval monasteries, while also building up local businesses to ensure an income stream for your Order. Sister game to “Agricola“, the farming game.

Cloud 9 – almost a casino betting game, but wrapped up in a cute little theme about flying your colourful hot air balloon up into the clouds. The more you dare, the more you could win … or lose …

Robo Rally, crazy clanking robots racing each other around a warehouse floor, riding conveyor belts, spun around and very confused. And don’t forget the (airquotes) “lasers”.

Linwood – treasure hunting in a dark and mysterious forest!

Dixit, always a popular game – half art appreciation, half trying to guess how your friends’ minds work

Cockroach Poker – full of all sorts of bugs and creepy-crawlies. Trick the other players into taking them from you!

Citadels – trying to stop the other players from constructing their cities is tricky when you have to second-guess what the others are going to do, turn by turn.

Ahh yes, a championship game of Uno Stacko! (Jenga)

Condottierre – taking over Italy with a teeny tiny map..

Good old Rummikub!

Undermining: digging tunnels, mining for resources on an alien planet

Power Grid, build up your Electricity Companies by competing for the best power plants and spreading your lines

7 Wonders. Build up your ancient civilisation, taking care of many aspects: Military, Money, Civilian, Science, Commercial, Guilds … and also building one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, such as the Pyramids or the Collossus of Rhodes

In the Middle Ages in England, many devout people were guilt-wracked over the thoughts of all the sins they’d done in their lives and so made pilgrimage

Corrupt Pardoner

along the long road to Canterbury Cathedral. The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer tells tales about many of the characters encountered on the road. One of the characters is the Pardoner … a religious conman who preys on the guilty pilgrims by building up their guilt and fears with religious sermons and then sells them fake relics and holy pardons that will redeem them. In this beautifully illustrated game The Road To Canterbury, you each play one of these evil Pardoners, so greedy for cash that you can even tempt the pilgrims into more sins, just to sell them more pardons … but if you put them through too much they might die before you get their cash!

Yet another new game from Luke – Lifeboat! After their ship sinks, a rag-tag group of unusual survivors hope to get rescued, but that could take a long while – in the meantime the survivors start to bicker about things like food, seating and form alliances, but also secret hatreds and passions lie under the surface.

Quizzit – a trivia game with a twist, there are different difficulty levels of questions that let you advance on the board by different amounts, and bonus cards that let you answer other people’s questions!

The Resistance – another undercover group plotting and wondering who they can trust.

Skybridge – a bizarre wooden puzzle game, building towers with occasional bridges between them. A truly 3D game! (I have 3D versions of all these photos so I should upload this one soon)

Blokus, so many colourful little pieces – take care not to lose any!

Cave Troll – While the theme is monsters, dungeons and gold, don’t let that deceive you – this feels more like a sporting match. Each player’s team of strange players tries to score the most gold by strategically moving to different places on the dungeon playing field.

Mystery game of the week? Leo, Fern and Thomas look like they’re having a great time though!

Ghost Stories!! Another epic struggle by the combined forces of the players (as “Ghostbuster”-style monks) to wade through the hordes of exotic ghosts and demons to banish the evil demon lord Wu Feng

See you again in April! And let me know if you have any ideas for other kinds of articles we could put up on this website. (Especially if you’d like to contribute!)


(Feel free to leave your own further down, but here are some already received)

  • Solomon M. G
    Still a buzz throughout the room with many gamers experiencing first plays of games. A well run event, yet again. For the record, I didnt get a single flag in Robo Rally.
  • Sandra L

    loved the day.
  • Martine

    friendly organiser, friendly people, plenty of games, a great moment !
  • Julia

    Couldn’t stay long, but loved the games we had time to enjoy — 7 Wonders was great, would have loved a second round.
  • Thomas S.

    Wonderful – amongst the best collection of friendly strangers I’ve yet encountered.
  • Enrique

    Nice people and many games!
  • Shane

    As always Christopher put on another amazing event. So much fun in a brilliant environment. Hope to see everyone again next month. PS: Dots rule! 🙂
  • Dinusha

    Another great day! Can’t wait till the next one. 🙂
  • David

    I really enjoyed the March Big Saturday Boardgames Day. The venue is great for the large number of people that attend this event and our Organiser Christopher is friendly and a very knowledgable gaming guide and friend
  • Kathy

    Great day, see you all again next month.

2 Responses to “So many photos in March!”

  1. Leo April 13, 2012 at 5:43 pm #

    Re: Masons – You know what they say about Chinese and building walls…. lol

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