Anti Football League 2011 Grand Convocation

6 Nov

The groundswell of sporting apathy cannot be denied! The forces of the Anti Football League continue to grow year by year, and this “Grand” Final Day was no exception!

Thumbing their noses at the hoi polloi’s rush towards thuggery and mindless chanting, the refined denizens of the North Fitzroy Star Hotel engaged in elevated pursuits of intellectual discourse and imaginative board games…

Main rabble rouser, Greg, whipping up an angry mob of protesters…

… with horrific and controversial tales of gross misdeeds by footballers and the miscarriages of justice that followed.

The revered Jack Dunstan rises to say a few words of his own, while clutching a square football, the symbol of the Anti Football League (because it cannot roll). Jack is the grandson of the League’s founder, journalist Keith Dunstan.

Already making plans to increase the League’s influence worldwide! Risk.

Fighting Greed at every turn!

Mr Dunstan at the Qwirkle table!

Cards! (It’s actually Anomia, but they’re taking a break to give their pounding hearts a rest)

Wordsmiths plying their trade at Scrabble Trickster

Carcassonne glee!

Uno Stacko (jenga) looking unsteady …


An antediluvian edition of Trivial Pursuit. The answer is always “Alan Border” 😛

The Balderdash board seems camouflaged against the exotic tablecloth!

Getting creative with Jenga pieces 🙂

A final game of Qwirkle. A “Grand Final” game? No? bah …

Thanks to everyone who came along and made the event the fabulous, fun occasion it was!

Of course our protest was very successful – we managed to get football removed from the televisions and newspapers!

If by some strange reversal of legislature, the obnoxious occupation manages to crawl back into the light next year, I guess we’ll just have to do this all over again! 😉

(Thanks to Shane D for his contribution of the squarer photos in this set)

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