September Games

11 Oct

A marvellous turn up in September, with over 100 people there at one point! Great venue at the Celtic Club – these numbers would have been unthinkable a year ago!

Remember, the dates of upcoming events appear in our Calendar which you can find in the “Events” menu up the top of each page. Each event is planned individually so check back regularly!

Very hard to take shots like this with no stepladder around! Only a small section of the crowd 🙂

Steve brought along Valu, an exotic looking game from Fiji.

According to the players, it was like “4 way chequers”, with each person’s tribe of (faux?) wooden warriors dashing from their green-chequered islands, across the yellow beach through the water, to the island on the other side. I must give this a go!

Condotierre: presumably this game wins the award for the tiniest board evar! (It’s a map of Italy)

Zylatron!” Am I the only one who finds the name of this retro space game amusing? I think “Planet Xylophone!” every time.

Cloud 9 – balloon gambling – trying to wait until the very last moment to parachute out of the rickety Balloon Basket. Leave it too long, and it will crash to the ground.

Shane demonstrates one of his intriguing self-made games. This one is “Escape” and is about escaping from prison.

During set up …. cute little walls there …

being played …

Rattus – Europe in 1347 and the Black Death has arrived. Can you stay one step ahead of the Plague Rats? Get the locals to help you out as you try to keep your people alive.

Agricola – Kerrin’s favourite game! I’m sure real country folks would be puzzled that a game about running your own farm would be so popular amongst city folk 🙂

Betrayal at the House on the Hill ! A group of curious friends sneak into a haunted house and wander around exploring and having creepy supernatural experiences. Halfway through, something goes every wrong and one player turns evil. Each time there’s a different written plot. Is the evil player really a mad scientist trying to turn the other players into zombies? Or is he Count Dracula with the house falling down around our heroes? I made these examples up – the real stories are secret until you play!

I’ve heard games of this can drag on a bit, but this eclectic bunch would beg to differ. They’d never played before, but quickly learnt the rules and couldn’t get enough of it, playing several games.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a games day without several games of Qwirkle!

The verbose game Scattergories seems almost as ubiquitous!


The guys get mean in Family Business, the mob game.

Settlers of Catan, the classic game of farming and trading. “Who’s got wheat they’d like to trade for stone?”

Try to build the best mediaeval city – Princes of Florence

Articulate, kinda like Taboo really – try to guess what words your team mate is hinting at. Often draws quite a crowd!

Puerto Rico, an industrious little nation!

Cluedo: Discover the Secrets – this is that version of Cluedo I’ve discussed before. Not your traditional game, but one “modernised” and with some extra rules. This time it’s a movie star’s mansion, with home theatre room, spa, etc and a pool in which the sleuths (now football players, computer geeks, bimbos etc) must visit to announce the killer.

Finca – another farming game?? Be the best seller of fresh fruit on the sunny Mediterranean island of Mallorca.

Shadow Hunters – easy, just kill off the opposing team – if you can work out which players are on it. Contains all manner of supernatural beings. A teensy bit like Werewolf. Not much I guess.

Linwood – explore the twisted forest with a map that expands as you play. (By the way, Steve and Esther, I gather you know the game’s designer?)

WEREWOLF!! This once happy village started off with 18 inhabitants, but has been devastated by Werewolf attack and the violence of misguided Villagers. Now it’s down to the final three. One of them is a Werewolf. If the other two can work out who it is and agree to lynch them, they’ll have won the game. But the wily Werewolf will try to throw the suspicion elsewhere so the wrong person gets lynched and it wins.

Code 777, an intriguing little logic puzzle game. You’re the only person who can’t see your three numbers – you have to work out what they are by asking questions and using logic.

Another wonderful homemade game from Shane: “Evade“.  A crook is running around robbing banks while the cops are trying to catch him.

Settlers of Catan again!

Taboo! Bayden gets all squeaky.

Jungle Speed – be the quickest to grab the totem when two cards match!

Munchkin! Fighting silly monsters for funny treasure whilst making life tough for each other.

Mah Jong!! Ahhh, such grace and beauty … 🙂

Mah Jong! Strike a pose!



(Feel free to leave your own further down, but here are some already received)

  • Angela

    Another well organised event! Hope werewolf went well 🙂
  • Euge

    I learnt several new games – Articulate and Cranium. And for the first time in my life, mahjong!
  • Andrew Mancini

    Excellent as always, can’t beat this group.
  • Andrea

    Had a fab time. Played a game I’d never heard of before and blew myself up spectacularly at the beginning of the haunt. Only planned to stay a couple of hours and ended up staying 4. Friendly lot and quite a varied group. Look forward to the next one
  • Greg

    Excellent. Not as scary as I imagined! Everyone very helpful. G.
  • Shane

    Chris is a top host, organising some of the group games. Well done
  • Tom

    Great day. Can’t wait to play Zylatron again!
  • Amy

    Lots of fun, it was my first time there and everyone was really nice – looking forward to the next time!
  • Shane

    Being my first meet-up event I wasn’t too sure what to expect however it quickly became apparent that the Big Saturday Boardgames Day would, and was, Absolutely Brilliant. And it wasn’t just the fun games or the great food on offer at the Celtic Club which has me looking forward to the next event. It was the totally wonderful people who also attended. I felt welcome from the onset and quickly joined in the fun. Nearly eleven hours later I found myself amazed that it had become very late while I’d played so many fun games and met even more Awesome individuals.
  • Michael

    Had a great time, met some cool people, had a lot of fun with Betrayal at House on the Hill.
  • AlisonE

    From being taken back to the 80s with Zylatron to playing a boardgame that someone created themselves, there is always something new to play at Games day and its always fun. Would have like to have stayed longer..many thanks for organising these regular games events Christopher.

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