August: New Life for Old Parlour Games

9 Sep

For centuries, parlour games have allowed us to fill in random empty moments with great fun. In these modern imaginative times, many exciting new parlour games have been invented just by twisting some of the original rules.

Games such as Categories, Charades, Chinese Whispers and even Scrabble have been re-invented. Many of these games had a run at the August Cafe Games day…

Planning moves carefully on the Forbidden Island – it’s starting to sink!

Qwirkle is always popular. Basically, it’s Scrabble without words. Eddie Izzard would be pleased.

Yes, it’s “Summer Heights High” the boardgame based on the tv show. Actually it’s a rip-off of Monopoly with some of the messier bits taken out and “popularity points” instead of money.

Open handed Pandemic? Tsk! I prefer playing closed handed (as per the rules) but whatever makes you happy! 🙂

Save Doctor Lucky! The Titanic is sinking – bits of the board disappear, but you only want to be a hero if anyone is watching 😉

Shame about the reflection, but hey – CHIPS!

I’m guessing it was Small World.

Mahjong tables in full swing.


Saboteur! Are you *sure* you’re helping us dig a tunnel to the treasure? Should I trust you?

Blokus! Not just for the blokes! …. hohoho!! … no? … Bah!

Citadels! Who’s out to get you this time?

Space! The Final Frontier! In Ascending Empires you fly through the universe to strange new planets with your spacecraft propelled by an awesome new power source – flicking with your fingers. Peow! Peow!

Telestrations!! One of the big hits of the day … along the lines of the kids’ game “Chinese Whispers” (aka “the Telephone Game”) – a word or phrase gets passed around the table and becomes quite mangled along the way. The trick here is that instead of whispering, you have to write down what the previous person was trying to draw … and the next person has to try to draw your guess, and so on … eventually the books come back to the beginning and each person holds up their book and shows off the bizarre twists and misunderstandings. Dry erase books means no paper wasted. Yay!

Sometimes you’ll get really hard phrases, bad luck for you! How would you draw “Caesar Salad”, “Kindergarten”, “High School” or “over the counter” ? (There are 100s of words in the set)

Scattergories – always a stock favourite. How are your word skills?

Pandemic again!

Looks like it could be Cargo Noir. Smugglers!

First there was  Qwirkle, now Qwirkle Cubes! Ooooh!

Monks from the Most Holy Order of the Hoodie attempt to track down a murderer in the ornate Mystery of the Abbey.

Reverse Charades! Rollick!

Although we’d played this the previous month too – it’s so much fun that it was hard to tear yourself away to take photographs.

Some folks start off a bit doubtful, perhaps with bad memories of charades with their family (almost like “I Spy”) but since this involves whole groups being silly at the same time, they quickly get into it! The game is called “ROLLICK” (as in “having a rollicking good time”)

In normal charades, one person acts out clues for the rest of their team to guess a word or phrase. Here the whole team gets up and acts out clues to one of their number in the audience. You can’t talk but you can use props – or even each other!

Julian holds the secret word behind Allison’s head as her team-mates frantically try to communicate with her. The opposing team times and keeps score.

Angela shows off her guns.

Um “I’m a little teapot” ? No? hmmm

But Wait, There’s More!

Yep, I’ve also got videos of the antics. Can anyone work out the words … or remember them?



News about “Bang!”

Bang card gameI know quite a few of you are fans of the suspenseful Wild West card game “Bang!”

Did you know there is a new expansion on its way out? It’s called “Bang! Gold Rush” and players can collect gold nuggets in order to buy new equipment. As expected there are also new characters, new equipment and apparently some way for dead players to stay in the game … from beyond the grave! Probably won’t be out in Australia any time soon. Here’s a press release in Italian. (Just like the best Spaghetti Western movies!) If somehow you can’t read Italian, click the English flag down the pageda Vinci Games: Bang! Gold Rush

Best 3D Picture

I’m sure you know all of these pictures and movies are available in 3D thanks to my cool camera. Haven’t figured out an easy way to show you, but here’s the best of the pictures from this month, viewable in “parallel view stereoscopy” (magic eye). Click to view larger. See some of the other months for more 3D photos.


(Feel free to leave your own further down, but here are some already received)

  • Jie

    Pretty cool. I love the Mahjoong game.
  • Nick

    Great opportunity to play a wide variety of board games. Good mix of people. Looking forward to going next time!
  • Angela

    Another well organised and very fun meetup – thanks Chris! I was also pleasantly surprised by the quite hilarious game of team-charades that we played at the end of the night, especially with the “karate babies” 😀
  • Andrew

    Great people, had a lot of fun. Cheers.
  • Tim

    Good fun, venue well suited. Nice people, good blend of social and strategy games on offer. Mah Jong especially interesting
  • David

    I really enjoyed the Big Saturday Boardgames Day, I played 4 games on the day and really enjoyed the company of my firends and new members 🙂
  • Lorena

    Soo much fun!! Had thee best time 🙂 looking 4ward to the next one 😉

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