July: Qwirkle, Mahjong, and a Few Other Games

10 Aug

With our numbers decimated by Siew-Li’s concurrent birthday party, we somehow still managed to have a great time playing boardgames!

Others wonder how we can play from midday to 11pm … but the truth is that time speeds up! Many players will guess at the time and find they’re out by 3 or 4 hours … and when the staff come to close up … it always feels way too soon … 😦
playing Blokus boardgame @ Cafe Games club
Folks playing Blokus (it kinda rhymes, doesn’t it?)

playing Qwirkle @ Cafe Games board games club
The award winning Qwirkle – always a popular game
playing Cyclades boardgame @ Cafe Games club
Paul introduces folks to his new game Cyclades (“Sick Ladies”!!) – race to colonise ancient Greek islands with help from the Greek Gods…
Cyclades boardgame closeup @ Cafe Games club
… and there are colourful figurines representing those ancient Gods! (upgrading to larger version soon)
playing Finca boardgame @ Cafe Games club
Get your lovely fresh fruit here! Finca!

playing Thebes boardgame @ Cafe Games club
The archaeology of Thebes and surrounds … grab your handful of sand…
playing Rummikub @ Cafe Games board game club
Rummikub! Much like a Western version of Mahjong.
playing Mahjong @ Cafe Games board games club
The Mahjong crew getting ready to start a a new game.
playing Mahjong @ Cafe Games board games club
Deep thought during a game of Mahjong.
random table of boardgames @ Cafe Games club
Some of the games people have brought along … I can see Uno Attack, Uno Stacko, Timberrr (Jenga), Quelf, Cranium, Greed, Taboo, Perpetual Commotion, Sorry, Modern Art, Thebes, El Grande, San Juan, Pandemic, Poison, Saboteur, Ligretto, Spy Alley, Shogun, Scotland Yard, Cluedo, Scattergories, Ivanhoe, Wyatt Earp, Airlines Europe, Bohnanza, Cargo Noir, Alhambra
playing Carcassonne @ Cafe Games board games club
Carcassone – not taking over the world, but creating the world … THEN taking it over …
playing Pandemic boardgame @ Cafe Games club
More responsible than taking over the world, Mike teaches Mike how to save the world from terrible diseases in Pandemic .
playing Ubongo Extreme boardgame @ Cafe Games club
Ubongo EXTREME!! aka boardgames meet Tetris
playing Qwirkle @ Cafe Games board games club
MORE Qwirkle!
playing Thurn and Taxis boardgame @ Cafe Games club
Thurn and Taxis – rival postmen? Build your empire of post offices across Germany. (Nothing to do with taxi cabs! “Taxis” is someone’s surname)
playing Dixit @ Cafe Games board games club
Dixit … trying to explain the hidden meanings of pictures …

playing Werewolf @ Cafe Games board games club
Folks gather for another treacherous game of Werewolf!
playing Werewolf @ Cafe Games board games club
Down to the last three. Who can trust who? One of them is the werewolf, but can the other two work it out? …………. (No)
playing Quelf boardgame @ Cafe Games club
People doing silly things in Quelf
playing Carcassonne @ Cafe Games board games club
More Carcassonne!
playing Thebes boardgame @ Cafe Games club
More Thebes!

playing Qwirkle @ Cafe Games board games club
Even more Qwirkle!!
playing Inca Empire boardgame @ Cafe Games club
Help build up the mighty Inca Empire to impress the divine emperor…
playing Incan Gold card game @ Cafe Games club
… or come back centuries later to test your nerves by searching the crumbling ruins for Incan Gold.
playing Airlines Europe boardgame @ Cafe Games club
Make the most money as rival airline tycoons wrestling to get the best air routes for your favourite airlines, but also fighting over shares in those airlines – Airlines Europe. Never seen Chee need to look at the rules before! 😛
playing Pandemic boardgame @ Cafe Games club
Now Jenneli teaches Pandemic

playing Last Call @ Cafe Games board games club
Mixing up cocktails in Last Call.
playing Tobago boardgame @ Cafe Games club
First there was a pretty tropical island with golden beaches, blue lakes, tall mountains and tribal statues. And then the treasure hunters arrive and drive all over it in their 4WD “all terrain vehicles”. Tsk! Irresponsible! But there’s treasure somewhere out there … on Tobago


Yes I do still have 3D versions of all these pictures and videos … might upload the 3D video later, if I can get it to convert properly to YouTube!


(Feel free to leave your own further down, but here are some already received)

  • Jessica

    Excellent ; the place could hold a lot of people without becoming noisy and there was a large range of new games to discover ! Food was good as well
  • Michael Mink

    Another great day of boardgames and meeting new people!
  • Peter

    It was a fantastic meetup!
  • Kerrin

    Great atmosphere, lots of people, met lovely people, played board games for 7 hours! 🙂 Yippee!!! I will be back 🙂
  • Humna

    An Amazing day!! Special thanks to Chris for being an amazingly good host and the superb story telling during warewolf! The people were so friendly and had so much fun playing games 9 hours STRAIGHT!
  • Euge

    It was my first time at the meetup, and I was feeling a little shy. But I got right into a game of San Juan almost immediately with some new folks that I met, and it was really fun! Also tried my hand at Dixit too! Will attend again! My game partners are very encouraging even though I didn’t have a clue how to play the games – they were patient in teaching me!

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