Reaching a Milestone! (June)

8 Jul

Wow, around 100 people joined us at Cafe Games at the Celtic Club in June! Was it the cold weather outside, or the news that we would have the fledgling Mahjong club with us? …

There were so many people playing so many games that I took way too many pictures and have had to cull them ruthlessly (sorry Ruth, you’re out). If you’re in some of the remaining pictures, you should know that I only kept the ones with the most beautiful people in them šŸ˜›

Stay tuned for our video at the end! (No, it’s not one of my 3D ones this time)

playing Rummikub @ Cafe Games board game club

Newcomer Nan was surprised to find a game she knew well – Rummikub and launched into teaching it to some intrigued players. playing Scotland Yard boardgame @ Cafe Games club

Quick off the mark, Paul roped early attendees into helping him hunt around London for the elusive criminal Mr X (Simon, right) in Scotland Yard. playing Risk boardgame @ Cafe Games club

Mike has never played the original Risk before, so can’t believe the simple rules! But simple rules provide a foundation for often complex tactics! playing Qwirkle @ Cafe Games board games club

Qwirkle has indeed won this year’s Spiel des Jahres (Germany’s famous “Game of the Year” award). It’s like Scrabble without letters, and some folks are very good at it…

playing Dixit @ Cafe Games board games club

A new round of players are entranced by Dixit – now one of the most common games brought to Cafe Games – and no wonder. playing Carcassonne @ Cafe Games board games club


playing Guillotine @ Cafe Games board games club

It seems the Rummikub players have moved onto manning the Guillotine in the French Revolution. Off with their heads!!! Kill the rich! playing Greed dice game @ Cafe Games board games club

Pushing their luck at Greed.

playing Alhambra boardgame @ Cafe Games club

Oh dear, I’ve quite forgotten the name of this Euro Game. Feel free to jump in, Corey? Kathy? (Kathy says: “Alhambra is the name of the game in the photo in question.”)

Some of these Uno Stacko towers are gettingĀ preposterous! I think I can count 24 levels all balancing on top of that one red block. playing Ghost Stories boardgame @ Cafe Games club

Going all Kung Fu on the monsters and demons in the Chinese themed Ghost Stories

playing Cluedo boardgame @ Cafe Games club

The classic whodunnit Cluedo!

playing Squatter boardgame @ Cafe Games club

Classic Aussie game of Sheep Stations – Squatter. Luke attempts anonymity.

I’m not sure what this game was either. Colossal Arena? Keep Sarunas from the chips?

playing Balderdash boardgame @ Cafe Games club

Playing Balderdash!

playing Bang! @ Cafe Games board games club

It’s on … a Wild West showdown in Bang!

playing Sitting Ducks Gallery boardgame @ Cafe Games club

Shooting at pink duckies in Sitting Ducks Gallery

playing Cosmic Encounter @ Cafe Games board games club

Another attempt at Cosmic Encounter – lots of flying saucers on the table!

playing Cranium boardgame @ Cafe Games club

Four person game of Cranium – quite small for that game!

playing Power Grid boardgame @ Cafe Games club

Rival power supply companies bidding for fuel in Power Grid

Must be something in the water down that end of the room!

playing Articulate boardgame @ Cafe Games club

Wow, Articulate always seems to draw a crowd – so how come I’ve never got to play?

playing Labyrinth @ Cafe Games board games club

Teaching Labyrinth

playing Cave Troll boardgame @ Cafe Games club

Cave Troll – with such bright team colours – more of a sports match underground, where one of your team mates is a giant monster. playing Werewolf @ Cafe Games board games club

Hmmm the game of Werewolf has made you hungry? Would you say “ravenous” ? šŸ˜‰

playing Cranium boardgame @ Cafe Games club

Another Cranium game – this time with 12 players!

playing Are You The Traitor @ Cafe Games board games club

Confusion abounds – Are You The Traitor?

playing Antler Island boardgame @ Cafe Games club

You’ve got to be the biggest stud to win all the ladies … errrm … deer… on Antler Island

playing Bohnanza @ Cafe Games board games club

Bean farmers eventually coming to an agreement in Bohnanza.


A new Mahjong group from joined us at the Celtic Club for those who’d like to play or learn this classic Chinese game. Ā If you don’t know it, it’s related to European card games like Gin, Rummy, Canasta, and Rummikub.

playing Mahjong @ Cafe Games board games club playing Mahjong @ Cafe Games board games clubplaying Mahjong @ Cafe Games board games clubplaying Mahjong @ Cafe Games board games clubplaying Mahjong @ Cafe Games board games club

Oh … you’re still here? Fabulous. You didn’t just jump down to the bottom first, when you read there was a video? No? That’s okay then.

Yes I do still have 3D versions of all these pictures and videos … might upload the 3D video later.


(Feel free to leave your own further down, but here are some already received)

  • Thomas Sounness

    A darn fine location, good access to public transport. They served beer, which is excellent. The Majong contingent was awesome to behold. One day I might learn.
  • Dana

    Great event, good venue, nice people, thanks for organising it Chris. Also big thanks to Chi for taking the time to teach us Mahjong!
  • David

    I had an awesome time on Saturday. The huge turn out of people attending did meant that there were no shortage of games to play and people play them, yay!
  • Hazel

    It’s Fun!!! Players are nice to show me how to play the games (most of the boardgames I haven’t played before). Looking forward for the next Sat boardgames day.
  • Holly

    Fantastic fun and a friendly bunch
  • Andrew Mancini

    Had a really enjoyable time, really liked playing Power Grid. Friendly people, can’t wait for the next meetup. Cheers.
  • Rod Hueston

    I thought it was a great group, great selection of games, good people. Enjoyed the day

2 Responses to “Reaching a Milestone! (June)”

  1. Humna July 14, 2011 at 2:56 am #

    A great great day indeed! Cant wait for the next one!

  2. Sunshine November 26, 2011 at 2:18 am #

    What a great idea to have a place like cafe games. Everyone looks like they are having so much fun. Hope to see more places like yours open up….over in my hometown would be nice.:)
    Thanks Christopher!

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