Games at The Bull and Bear

12 May

Our search for a new home for Cafe Games, brought us to the surprisingly roomy Bull and Bear Tavern in Flinders Lane.

Some folks who haven’t come to Cafe Games before assume that they wouldn’t stay for long, that everyone will get bored in a couple of hours! Ha! In fact, most people who come to Cafe Games have such fun that they lose track of time! …

Due to the Melbourne Comedy Festival, we had to finish this Cafe Games after “only” six hours. At that time we still had a crowd, and some were aggrieved that it was finishing so early! 😀

Traditional favourite Perpetual Commotion makes a comeback!

The classic Aussie game – Squatter! See the ring of tiny sheep in the middle of the board?

Apparently Squatter has been commended for giving a genuine insight into the real life of Australian sheep farmers. Battle weather extremes, dangerous parasites and worst of all, fluctuating stock prices. Check out the sweet Squatter website

Uno Stacko!

Scrabble Trickster … break some rules!

See my article about the much maligned Scrabble Trickster

Action Shot! Playing “Would You Rather?”

“Would You Rather … only age from the neck down, or from the neck up?”

Warning! Warning! We have a Situation! Situation 7 !!!!

A bizarre boardgame from the 1960s that Mike picked up at a garage sale. Situation 7 ! (Sequel to Situation 4) Race your opponent to take over Outer Space! … by building a jigsaw?? No, it’s not like the tile placement game Carcassonne that I like to describe as “being like” competitive jigsaw solving, this one really is – you have to search amongst your puzzle pieces for the right ones that will interlock with the ones you’ve already placed, to try and build up the right picture! At the same time your opponent is doing the same thing from the other end – but his jigsaw won’t mesh with yours, so you’d better be quick! You can also get bonuses or give penalties if you complete certain parts of the jigsaw. Intriguing idea. I don’t think Mike has played the whole game through yet though.

Mike introducing his popular game “Articulate”

Well why not? It’s a game and it goes on a table! 🙂

Speed Scrabble!

In Speed Scrabble you make your own personal grid of words in front of yourself, and if you use all of your letters first, everyone else has to pick up two extra tiles! You can play it with normal Scrabble pieces or it’s also sold in the shops as Bananagrams or Pick Two!

Parma, Chips and Scattergories!

Like Hangman for Mensa … playing “What’s My Word?”

“What’s My Word?” (aka “ZigZag”) is an excellent little word game I discovered recently. Normally 2 player, but with a bit of cleverness you can have as many as you want. It’s just like the classic old game Mastermind, that game where you have to use logic to work out the secret sequence of colours that your friend has hidden. The twist here, is that instead of a meaningless sequence of colours, you’re trying to work out an English word, and every guess you make must also be a valid English word! Also you can only use words smaller than the real word until the last round! ALSO … your scores for each guess are added up along the way – so if you’ve done really well in your guesses, but don’t get the final word – you still get lots of points! You can play it by yourself online to get the hang of it. Addictive for Scrabble players I’m sure!  (It’s also the sort of game you can just draw on a napkin in a diner somewhere)

Al introducing folks to Rummikub

Apparently there’s a game of Pandemic in there! They’re all very keenly clustered around!

Corey teaching “Roll Through The Ages” game – with big chunky wooden dice!

Werewolf photos! (rare)

Since we usually have about 20 people involved in our Werewolf games, we don’t often get photos, but this time I got a snap off, and so did Katya. Thanks!

Starting Werewolf – everyone prepares to look innocent – except for Sarunas who decides to portray the town psychopath???

Gaby rallies a lynch mob against Katya, who tries to point out her ulterior motives

3D Pictures of the Games Day

Rather than just link to the slideshow, here’s the best one, viewable without 3D glasses, using the Parallel “Magic Eye” trick.

And if that worked for you, here’s the March Cafe Games 3D Slideshow (if not showing images like above, use the 3D menu) (APRIL 3D COMING SOON)



(feel free to leave your own below, but here are some already received)

  • Dana Nedich

    Great group of people and really enjoyed the game Epidemic, thanks for a great afternoon and will be back!
  • Thomas Sounness (+2)

    Nifty, fun, frantic, gamesque, sociable, boardy, convivial and engaging. A good time and a good few people there. All positive thoughts from me.
  • Harnam

    The “village werewolf” game was especially fun to watch! Heh!
  • Jessica (+1)

    That was great !!
  • Angela

    Once again, great organisation from Christopher :). Am looking forward to the next one (where we won’t be shooed out of the venue by a magician!)
  • David

    I really did enjoy this meet up. There were new games to play which is always good, the more the variety the better the day. There were also many new people for me to meet and play games with.
  • Aidan

    Had a lot of fun.
  • Helen Graesser

    Great..thanks Chris..was lots of fun.

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