March Mayhem

13 Apr

Well, turnouts are just getting bigger and bigger! How many did we have at the University Hotel on 19th March? 50? 55? We briefly had to run a couple of games downstairs as well!!! I think since our Oxfam Charity Boardgames Night we’ve really got the ball rolling!! How soon before we get 100?

Qwirkle @ Cafe Games boardgames


playing Hive @ Cafe Games Boardgames club

Learning to play Hive (the insect game)

Dixit @ Cafe Games boardgames club

… and Ron kindly shows us how not to pick up a card. (ouch!)

Pickomino @ Cafe Games Boardgames

Dice, Dominoes? Fried Worms??? Pickomino

Check out “Pickomino” on BoardgameGeek

Pictionary Man @ Cafe Games boardgames

Pictionary not hi-tech enough for you? Try electronic “Pictionary Man” where you draw on the figurine and his two props. The secret word appears electronically under his foot.

Can you guess the character they’re trying to convey? Does this picture help?


Cash n Guns game @ Cafe Games club

Just when we’ve pulled off the bank heist of the century, someone flips out and demands that they get the cash. It’s a Mexican Standoff. But who will crumble when the guns are pointed at them? And whose guns are actually loaded? It’s Cash n Guns (Ca$h n Gun$)

Scrabble Trickster Boardgame @ Cafe Games

Scrabble Trickster - like Scrabble, but with loopholes 😉

Read my article about Scrabble Trickster .

Bang @ Cafe Games Boardgames

While they're still friends - before the paranoia starts and the bullets fly! (Bang!)

Uno Stacko Jenga @ Cafe Games Boardgames

Uno Stacko ... when you forget a crucial rule ... (the hint's in the name)

Fluxx @ Cafe games boardgames club

Fluxx confusion

Game of the Month: Articulate

Articulate boardgame @ Cafe Games club


To my shame, I haven’t played Articulate yet – but it must be popular because we had these two tables playing it at the same time! I’m guessing part of the appeal is that it can just “soak” up people – you have teams and as more people arrive they can just join existing teams. That’s always been part of the appeal of Cranium too. Apart from the colourful board, apparently it’s rather like Taboo – your team mate has to get you to guess a particular word by describing it (without rhymes or letters), and you do that as many times as you can in limited time. No Taboo “Squeaker” for mistakes though. See here for a video of someone else playing Articulate.

playing Articulate @ Cafe Games boardgames club


Uno Stacko Jenga @ Cafe Games Boardgames

Tense Times in Uno Stacko!

(See: when you play it right … the tower gets bigger … not smaller …)

playing Rapidough @ Cafe Games boardgames club

Making shapes in Rapidough!

Rapidough sounds quite intriguing. Like Charades, Pictionary and Cranium, you’re trying to convey a word to your team mates, using “clay”, before the other team does. BUT the other team might be trying to guess a completely different word, so that won’t help! And worse, if your team loses, the winning team pinches some of your clay, making it harder for you next time!!

Cluedo Master Detective boardgame @ Cafe Games

Cluedo Master Detective is based on normal Cluedo (Clue in America) except that there are more rooms, more suspects and more weapons.

Balderdash boardgame @ Cafe Games club

That's Absolute Balderdash!

Cloud 9 boardgame @ Cafe Games club

Aeronautical Risk-Taking in Cloud 9

playing Hive @ Cafe Games Boardgames club

Hive aficionados!

Settlers of Catan boardgame @ Cafe Games club

I've got wood for your sheep! (Settlers of Catan)

If you’re already a Catan fan, check out “7 ads if Settlers of Catan was real” … sorry contains in-jokes!

El Grande @ Cafe Games boardgames

Mediaeval Spain? You should ALL have beards! (El Grande)

Max Walkers Cricket Game @ Cafe Games

Aussie Aussie Aussie!!!

Classic retro Aussie game from 1984 – Max Walker’s Cricket Game.

Fearsome Floors boardgame @ Cafe Games


You don’t have to run faster than the monster … just outrun your friends … Fearsome Floors features a shambling Frankenstein’s monster who chases the nearest players it can see … but you can hide behind its back!

Qwirkle @ Cafe Games boardgames

A quiet reflective game of Qwirkle ... looks like it's had a bit of a blowout on this side

3D Pictures of the Games Day

Rather than just link to the slideshow, here’s the best one, viewable without 3D glasses, using the Parallel “Magic Eye” trick.

3D Cash n Guns game @ Cafe Games

And if that worked for you, here’s the March Cafe Games 3D Slideshow (if not showing images like above, use the 3D menu)



(feel free to leave your own below, but here are some already received)

  • Ron

    A big thankyou Christopher you make everyone feel so welcomed ( even the Vampires ). 99.9% of the population don’t know what they are missing. What a fun way to spend time with good company. Don’t tell anyone incase they bring their friends, lets keep a good thing to ourselves!
  • Bob Blanchett

    I am possibly the most clueless Balderdash player in this spiral arm of the Galaxy, but I ha a hoot with Jess of potted plant awards and coped with Tabasco jokes from Val and Therese. was great to meet newcomers John and Sam and Vincent and Amy over a game of Shanghai Trader. for the record, Nobody got out of Shanghai alive, we left our run too late..Sam and I were waiting for a plane when the invaders arrived and John got a Tommygun Salute in the airport queue, albeit with the fattest bankbook. Taught Hive to Sam,Adam,John,Simon(who I taught too well)
  • Mike Smith

    I had a great time – see you all at the next meetup!
  • Angela

    A very enjoyable event that was very well organised, and with some very friendly people present. Definitely coming along to the next one – I can’t wait :)!
  • David

    I really enjoyed this meetup. The people that attend this Cafe Games Club each month are friendly and really enjoy playing board and card games, just like me 🙂 The was a huge turn out of people this month, over 30 and I look forward to the next event.
  • Jackie Whyte

    Really nice meetup, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was really nice that Christopher greeted people on arrival.
  • Dennis Au

    A well run event. Christopher was great, looking out for everyone and making sure new people weren’t left out of the various games.

2 Responses to “March Mayhem”

  1. Eric May 9, 2011 at 8:17 pm #

    hi i havent been to the event yet..but it sound fun..i would like to attend one day when i have time..

  2. Christopher May 9, 2011 at 10:01 pm #

    Hi Eric,
    Maybe we’ll see you at our next event, this coming Saturday 14 May, 12 noon onwards for as many hours as you want to play, at the Celtic Club in Melbourne.

    Are you on our email list? (does NOT require joining Yahoo)

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