New Year, New Venue, New Friends!

20 Jan

It’s a bold new year, and everyone’s keen to get back into playing games. We have a big influx of new people too, excited to join in the fun… but we’re also sad because our favourite venue MyCube Boardgames Cafe has closed down! Luckily in its place we’ve managed to find the lovely University Hotel, just down the road in Lygon Street.

We were very tempted to stay sitting out on tables in the street – a great spot on a lovely sunny day, but gradually we moved upstairs…

Cafe Games Boardgames club @ Uni Hotel

Cafe Games Boardgames club

playing "The Business Game" @ Cafe Games boardgames

playing "The Business Game"

Never heard of The Business Game before, but I gather it’s a game of being rival mining magnates. I thought they were building pyramids on the map in front of them, but apparently those were piles of ore awaiting shipment. Kirsten, who brought the game along, said she used to play it all the time when she was a kid.

Scrabble @ Cafe Games boardgames club

Scrabble & Apples to Apples

Apparently Ben gave the other Scrabble players an absolute hiding. He’s got it coming to him. 😉

Apples to Apples @ Cafe Games boardgames club

playing "Apples to Apples"

Poison @ Cafe Games boardgames club

Playing "Poison" ...

Hubble bubble, toil and trouble! Poison is a simple but lovely game. If people notice you drinking too much from one cauldron they’ll probably slip poison into it. Otherwise it’s usually best to try to avoid making too much of a mess of the witch’s brew.

Taboo @ Cafe Games boardgames club

Don't say it! It's TABOO

Fluxx @ Cafe games boardgames club

playing Fluxx

Sitting Ducks Gallery @ Cafe Games boardgames club

Save your duckies!!

From the looks of the wolfish grins from those two, the Orange and Pink duckies aren’t going to last much longer!!

Scattegories @ Cafe Games boardgames club

Snap!!? Scattegories Card Game

Name a cartoon character starting with M? Starting with T? With S? with P? Get there first and you can change the subject.

Smallworld @ Cafe Games boardgames club

It's a Smallworld after all!

Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire? Errr not quite … there’s the Flying Giant Empire, the Commando Skeleton Empire …. the Merchant Wizard Empire … weird fun! 😉

Guillotine @ Cafe Games boardgames club

Kill the Wealthy! Send them to the Guillotine!! Vive la Revolution!

Cafe Games boardgames club @ University Hotel


A couple more amusing rounds of the psych-out game Werewolf.

Notable occurrences were the new guy who got the Fortune Teller card twice … perhaps because the first time he decided to sit on the card and it stuck firm to the lacquer of his chair! (tsk! Best to put Werewolf cards on the floor under your seat!) Trying to build up a cover story in the new town, the desperate fortune-teller spun a story of running the town supermarket … but the paranoid villagers decided that he was giving too much detail and so lynched their best chance of success.

At another stage, three people suddenly died, much to the surprise and confusion of the townsfolk. A slow motion replay showed that the hunter was killed by the werewolves in the night, and so the hunter took out another unlucky villager with her dying shot, and then the hunter’s “star cross’d lover” also died of heartbreak. Fickle Cupid!

Raffle Time!

Gem Dealer

It was great to be able to raffle off a glittering new copy of Gem Dealer with proceeds going to Oxfam for their work with poverty and disaster relief. The game was supplied by our friends at Good Games Boardgames Store at Lvl 1 , 365 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne CBD. My Oxfam Trailwalker team will need to raise $2000, so we plan to run a boardgames fundraising night soon, perhaps February. Stay Tuned!

Back to the Games …

Mystery of the Abbey @ Cafe Games Boardgames Club

I thought monks only ate gruel? (Mystery of the Abbey)

"Sorry" game @ Cafe Games boardgames Club

Playing "Sorry" ... but not really 😉

Poor Ben learnt that being outspoken and good at Scrabble doesn’t mean you’re going to win other games.

Dixit @ Cafe Games boardgames club

Surreal art during Dixit

Family Business game @ Cafe Games boardgames club

a bunch of crooks play "Family Business" - the mob game

Red November @ Cafe Games boardgame club

Hunt for Red October? No, it's "Saving the Red November"

After their first submarine sank remarkably quickly, the same crew clambered aboard a new one, this time managing to keep it going for long enough until they could be rescued. Worse than Australia’s infamous “Collins Class” submarines, the Red Novembers keep having fires and leaks not to mention breakdowns in the oxygen pumps, nuclear reactor and depth control, and then there’s that giant squid hanging ominously around.

Absolute Balderdash game @ Cafe Games Boardgames club

Hard at work devising plots for a new film about Monkeys

Haven’t played a new game like this for a long time! Absolute Balderdash … so much variety and trying to keep a straight face. No longer just bluffing about which word definition is the correct one, now you also have to bluff about famous people, organisation acronyms, famous dates … and the best of all – come up with plots for particular movie titles. It was a blast hearing all the different movies people came up with. From memory, our movies were “The Strange Case of Mr Gregory”, “I Can’t Believe This is Happening To Me” and “Monkeys Go Home”. I’m sure some of our movie plots were better than the originals! I’m surprised none of us decided that “I Can’t Believe This is Happening To Me” wasn’t some kind of school sex-education movie! (BTW, Stasivalent!)

Pandemic game @ Cafe Games boardgames club

Blue disease = Europe, Red = Asia, Black = Middle East, Yellow = Rest

Against all sense, some obsessed fools wanted to play a late-night game of Pandemic. We cranked the difficulty up and set about trying to save the world. Although the Virulent Strain disease (black) was pretty annoying, we lost after the 5th Epidemic when the Yellow Disease just got way too out of control.

See you next time!

Hope you had a great time? I certainly did. Feel free to leave any comments below, and I’ll expect to see some of you at our next event at the Yak Bar (see Calendar in Events menu).

ps: Three Dimensional Slideshow

Since my new camera actually takes 3D photographs, here’s a slideshow of some of the days photos in 3D. A “3D” menu appears when you click play.

  • If you don’t know how to “free view” 3D (ie without glasses) this link might help you
  • If you know how to do it, for the best effect, I recommend Parallel viewing, in a dimly-lit room, with the video made larger (go to YouTube and then “pop out”), and the resolution cranked up to the highest (480p)

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