The Last Games Day @ MyCube

14 Nov

All good things must come to an end … as our favourite boardgames hangout MyCube Cafe was closing, we had to have one big last games day there. Naturally, we had an ace time … but can’t help wondering if we’ll ever find another venue that was as comfortable, welcoming and delicious…

Special thanks go to June, MyCube’s owner, for the special arrangements that went into accommodating a crazy club like ours; Jesse – part time chef but full time “maître -d” for his dry wit and helpfulness; and Fanny – more often than not the girl on the front counter, for such friendly welcomes, and the running of the games auction. Best of luck in your future endeavours!!

Last Boardgames Day @ MyCube Cafe (Cafe Games club)

We had a decent turnout, there were about 4 games going on in this shot, and more behind me!

Playing Razoo @ Cafe Games boardgame club in Melbourne

Razoo: The Aussie game

Razoo is an “Aussie” game, with players racing around a map of Australia, engaging in Aussie things like going in a chook raffle or playing two-up, all while trying to collect a ute, a bbq, a blue heeler and a footy club membership. Oddly enough, this game was later bought by Taryn, a New Zealander. (Well they’re honorary Aussies I guess)

Pandemic boardgame @ Cafe Games

Making careful plans in Pandemic – watch out for the red disease in Asia, guys!

Mystery of the Abbey boardgame @ Cafe Games

Fellow monks sneaking around the Abbey to work out who committed the Murder

Mystery of the Abbey boardgame @ Cafe Games

Mystery of the Abbey!

playing Apples to Apples board game

Deep Thought in “Ticket to Ride” strategy game

playing Scrabble boardgame

Scrabble wordsmiths!

Playing Dixit boardgame @ Cafe Games club

Playing Dixit – guessing hidden meanings

playing Apples to Apples board game

Judging the winning card in “Apples to Apples”

playing Puerto Rico boardgame

Puerto Rico – sell those crops!!

playing Family Business game

Playing with Paul’s newer edition of Family Business

The Silver Lining …

When MyCube’s games were auctioned off, many Cafe Games regulars gained the winning bids on games, so we’ll be able to play the games at many boardgame days to come!

Epic loot!

Games we got included Apples to Apples, Articulate, Why Did the Chicken, Carcassone, Pictionary, Qwirkle, Primordial Soup, El Grande, Gift Trap, Mind Trap, Modern Art, Blackmail, CSI-the-Boardgame, Scrabble, Scrabble Sentence Word Game, Curses, I’ve Never,  Uno Stacko, Boggle, Mystery of the Abbey and more!!

See more photos in our Cafe Games Facebook group!


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