October Boardgames @ MyCube

15 Oct

On this sunny Melbourne afternoon at MyCybe, we really did have something for everyone: high culture (art appreciation, acting, sculpture, sketching), business (commodities trading, corporate takeovers) and treachery (mob threats, pack mentality, secret plots)…

Boardgames played included: Billionaire, Ticket To Ride, Dixit, Cluedo, Acquire, Bluff, Werewolf, Family Business, Trivial Pursuit, Are You The Traitor, Phase 10, Cockroach Poker and Cranium. (See What Games?)

Although many of our GetALife regulars were off canoeing, a great turnout from the Meetup gang swelled the numbers, and we look forward to seeing them again.

(Of course I only know what happened in the boardgames I was playing. If you were there, leave a comment down the bottom to tell me what went on in your games!)


It was only the second day I’d opened my Billionaire pack, and by the end of the day the cards were exceedingly scuffed and dirty. Must have had something to do with how much the cards were constantly being thrust around the table in trades. I might have to laminate a new pack!

Playing "Billionaire" game at Cafe Games

Waiting for the Starter's Bell ...

Billionaire is a bit like our classic favourite Perpetual Commotion, in that there’s a mad rush with all players playing at the same time. In this case they’re trying to collect a matching set of cards by rapidly swapping cards with other players, without knowing what they’ll get, and trying to avoid the dreaded Taxman card!

Apparently Billionaire is based on “Pit”, which people recommend playing with a bell. So I bought one. DING!


Build up your companies and quickly buy stock options so that you’re at the top when the mergers happen!

(see also someone else’s Acquire Video Review)

Acquire boardgame @ Cafe Games

Family Business

The battle lines were drawn in another round of this game of gangsters, petty grudges, temporary alliances and rival mob families. A rough alliance formed between Paul, Islam and Katherin (Gray, Red and Yellow), forcing Christopher and Simon (Green, Blue) into some kind of protective agreement, with Dina (The Purple Gang) trying to pacify all sides.

Family Business game @ Cafe Games

Tension mounts ...

As the bullets started to fly and the body-count grew, old allegiances started looking shaky. Whilst some were insisting that this was no time to crack under pressure, the Green mob were offering a juicy deal for members of the coalition who would switch sides to assist them against their former friends. Their nerves were steeled and they refused, but seemed shaken when the Green mob went on to “burn” a valuable rescue card (cf “the Cumean Sibyl“). When the offer was later repeated, the Gray gang leapt to the opportunity and were able to save several of their confederates, for the mere price of turning against their former allies. Interestingly this deal may have sown seeds that would later bear dangerous results for the Green mob.

Much time and effort was spent in keeping “Cast Iron” Frank Costello from the Red family alive. Many times he was put on the Hit List, and rescued at the last moment. Finally he was whacked in a Hit from the Green mob.

the real Frank Costello, 1951

Later, in a plot twist worthy of a daytime soap, a member of the dominating Green mob threw off his disguise to reveal he was none other than Frank Costello, still alive and kicking, and went on to be a thorn in the side of the Green mob until eventually he finally perished a second time as the last surviving member of  the Red clan.

Amidst a vicious mob-war, Green and Gray battled it out while supporters dropped like flies, until the last member of the Gray gang threw the last member of the Green mob into the firing line, from whence he was unable to escape.

Ticket To Ride

Building train tracks to secret locations across Europe. Powered by Noodles.

Ticket To Ride boardgame @ Cafe Games


An all-in challenge with all teams madly scribbling pictures. Three teams of three!

playing Cranium boardgame @ Cafe Games

Cranium Puppetry @ Cafe Games

This is a newer version of Cranium to what I’m used. Here Ben has to act as “puppeteer” making Dylan do actions that match the answer on his card.

(See the post end for more Cranium stuff)

Werewolf !!!

As usual we played two games of this psychological game of secret identities, sudden deaths, appeals to common decency and xenophobic lynch mobs.

In the first game we had 18 people – four secret werewolves: Mani, Cam, Jason and Martino. The fortune teller hunting them down was Suzanne.

I’m told that in an interesting turn, villager Leanna asked for the people who didn’t join a lynch mob for a known werewolf to stand up. One shady character was scolded for not standing up but he protested that he didn’t understand the question, and that he had indeed helped lynch the wolf. Surrrrre!

Perhaps this lead to the remarkably rapid extermination of the werewolves!

In the second game, with 17 people, we had three werewolves Neil, Peter, Zee – the last two who were sitting next to each other. Something that usually seems to trick the poor villagers. Paul was the new Fortune Teller, who seemed to have an uncanny knack for never finding any werewolves. Perhaps he just “saw the good in people” 🙂 Luckily he was on the ball enough to realise that he could use this information to work out who most of the werewolves were, and made his revelation to the village. Although everyone expected the Fortune Teller would now be killed in the night, this didn’t happen. Were the werewolves trying to discredit him, making him look like a fake to earn the deadly suspicion of the other villagers? Evidently the villagers trusted Paul enough, and set about swiftly dispatching the werewolves.

When the crowd were baying for his head, Peter made a plea for clemency that on second thoughts was more of a paradox:

“Every time I’m lynched, I turn out to be an ordinary villager, and every time I’m not lynched I’m the werewolf…”

Although initially puzzled, the mob decided to kill him anyway, claiming killing an innocent villager would be better than letting a werewolf roam the streets to strike again.

Cupid Simon had gotten up to some capricious tricks, even more than he’d realised, having unknowingly cast in the role of “star cross’d lovers” Neil (a werewolf) and Ben (a villager). Perhaps Ben’s twisted logic had distracted everyone from finding Neil before, but when the death squad came to take away the werewolf, folks were startled by Ben’s sudden heart attack and tragic death.

There was a Hunter in that game too, but her shotgun must have stayed safely locked in the cupboard as it seems Miriam’s cover story of being the town cake-maker was enough to keep both Villagers and Werewolves away, perhaps in the hope that the promised cakes would arrive.

Trivial Pusuit

Apparently this 25th Anniversary edition of Trivial Pursuit has a extra “outside track” that gives special bonuses to players who answer enough difficult questions.

Trivial Pursuit boardgame @ Cafe Games

About to play “Dixit”

Boardgames @ Cafe Games


Arrrh! Yellow dice everywhere!!

Bluff boardgame @ Cafe Games

Your Photos Go Here!! (And Videos!)

Please let  me know if you have more photos or videos of the event. Jennifer has provided these videos from the Cranium boardgame…

In this one, the always outspoken Ben shows why he’s not a professional sculptor. It’s a character, but not Gumby … or that other thing …


Dylan tries to make something that is apparently not any item of food. Or even baguettes….


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