Anti Football 2010

4 Oct

Once again a small community of brave souls dared stand up against the social pressure to conform. We boardgame players joined forces with social members of the Anti Football League to welcome in the eagerly awaited “Non Football Season” at the delightfully exotic gastro-pub “North Fitzroy Star Hotel“, chosen because it did not have a television that would be tuned into the offensive sport. In the function room next to ours was a “hens party”, quiet for the most part but it became rowdy when they were visited by Elvis, and a whole lot of shakin’ went on. Perhaps we should have joined up with them as well? 🙂

Just like last year, all sorts of people came from far and wide around Melbourne. One lady even brought a “swear jar” into which people were requested to make a Villa Maria charity donation if they mentioned the “F” word … no, not the usual F word … She told us that she had chosen a tin with a picture of a penguin – deliberately nothing football-ish … but said that she then realised the penguin was black and white…. We just stared blankly at her. 😉

Greg making a speech

While some people were happy to sit around and yak over their lunch, a number of us upped the pace by playing a few boardgames.

I’m probably forgetting some, but there was at least: Perpetual Commotion, Dixit, Scrabble (original) and Scrabble Trickster, Family Business, Trivial Pursuit, Fluxx, Cockroach Poker, Spy Alley …

I’m not sure if anyone took any pictures of the epic game of “Family Business” we played? This was a colourful struggle for dominance between six gangs of mobsters, full of wheeling and dealing, petty revenge, grudges, opportunistic blows and friendly offers you’d be wise to accept.

Angelos’ promises of support for Ben’s gang came unstuck when a bloody feud between Angelos and Dylan’s crime families saw their sides decimated, although Jennifer’s foolish attempt to take on the Godfather (Christopher) lead to her entire mob being swiftly “retired”.  Dominic was wiser, refusing to take on the Don, even at the urging of the other sides, fearing his might, but later slighted him by refusing his offer of assistance, perhaps through some misguided sense of independence….. Bad Idea.

Perpetual Commotion

Quite a hectic round table with my expanded eight-person version of the game where everyone plays at once! Hopefully you can see the video too!

Playing Perpetual Commotion game

Scrabble & Scrabble Trickster

After a warm-up game of Scrabble, onto a round of Scrabble Trickster where you can win little cards that let you break rules, like spell a word backwards, use a proper noun, or steal an opponent’s score. Refreshingly different and still lots of fun. I’ll publish a review soon. … here it is: Review of Scrabble Trickster

playing Scrabble Trickster boardgame


Deep thought in Dixit, as players try to interpret the hidden meaning of strange pictures.

Playing Dixit game

Trivial Pursuit

Ahhh … an old favourite … quite old in fact … it’s funny how many people are cut out by an 1980’s edition of Australian Trivial Pursuit 😉

Actually it was impressive how many questions they managed to get between them … I guess lots of “world” questions haven’t changed.

Trivial Pursuit boardgame - Old Style

Cockroach Poker

Lining up rows of bugs, spiders and rodents. Geee-ross!

That’s all of my photos for the event, but I know there were lots of other people who took photos too! Leave me a comment below, or drop me a line at Contact Details



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  1. Sheer Curtains · November 4, 2010 at 6:33 pm #

    me and my brothers would always love to play scrabble every weekend, ..

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