Video Interviews @ Cafe Games

13 Aug

Oh dear, how embarassing, they finally got around to putting those videos of Jesse and me on the internets…

I guess it’s my duty to show you those videos, though it’s odd the camera folk didn’t want me looking toward the camera. Too scary? I think it would have been much more effective to spend more time filming the actual communities, instead of me waving my hands about!

These interviews were created as part of one team’s entries into the “My Tribe” project organised between the ABC and RMIT. They were investigating boardgame communities in Melbourne.

See the team’s blog site for more boardgaming videos, mainly taken at the Gamers@Dockers club (Thursdays in the Melbourne Docklands, play Euro Games)


Q: How often do you play boardgames?

Q: What happens when people come to MyCube? What do they do?

(he’s referring to Cafe Games club at the end there!)

Q: What is Cafe Games?

Q: Why do you play boardgames?

(incl scenes from Cockroach Poker!)

Q: What kinds of boardgames do you play?

Q: What online communities do you use? Twitter? Facebook? Blogs?

Q: Why did you set up this club?


See also … a note contrasting the filming of the videos at “Cafe Games” and Dockers, including this summary:

The interviews we got were very insightful and contrasted the two different camps very well. Where one was very open to amateurs and outsiders who were not extremely serious about boardgaming (Cafe Games). And one who saw boardgames as more of a serious matter where complicity is key (Docklands).


3 Responses to “Video Interviews @ Cafe Games”

  1. Chessnuts September 14, 2010 at 3:48 pm #

    Hey, I just stumbled upon your blog. If you happen to be in the Melbourne (Australia) area, you may be interested in our Allegro tournaments at Bar Etiquette in Brunswick on Sunday afternoons. We’re just starting out, trying to get the word out about where to come for a social game and a bit of fun!


    • Christopher September 14, 2010 at 4:45 pm #

      Hey there, (Rich?)

      Heh, guess you missed the “Melbourne” on the front page of our site 😉

      So, what’s Allegro? Something to do with Chess I presume?

      • Chessnuts September 22, 2010 at 11:59 am #

        Hello! (It’s Jasmine :))

        Oops… sorry there – peeking at blogs whilst at work to try to spread the word and I wasn’t as thorough as I could have been! Hello fellow Melbournean!

        Allegro is a style of chess tournament… but we are currently trying to decide the best style of tournament to suit our afternoons. We are now thinking Swiss style. Wikipedia has info if you are so inclined 😉

        I didn’t mention our facebook page either it is 🙂

        Happy gaming!

        Jasmine from Chessnuts 🙂

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