Games Day Snippets!

17 Jul

I’ve been a bit slack and have lots of photos and bits of old games day posts that haven’t seen the light of day … here are some bits of them …

Feel free to leave comments below if you remember any of the stories that go along with these pictures!

Playing Cranium!


Drawing with eyes closed!


That time we had great fun with 3 teams of 3. There were some tense moments with one team changing their mind about kinds of whales just as the sandtimer was running out, and much debate over the value of brown vs white eggs.


Making an ornate sculpture (of shoelaces!)


“Are You The Traitor?”

Playing this classic game of deception and betrayal, I was the Good Wizard trying desperately trying to convince everyone that I really, really was the Good one, but everyone scoffed, saying I was just trying too hard, that I must be the Evil Wizard. I could see this made the real Evil Wizard Celeste very amused as everyone was so focused on me, they didn’t give her a hard time. But still, no-one had the courage to come right out and make a formal accusation. Things were on tenderhooks for a while as I tried to carry out my Good Wizard duties, tracking down who might be the Traitor. I had my suspicions about a girl on my left and as I asked the group what they thought, I noticed me old mate Glendon with a bit of a facial tic … I did a double take, and indeed he was trying to signal me. Odd. I returned to questioning the suspicious girl … but after a short while I turned and suprised Glendon by officially declaring him the Traitor.

Yep, turns out my protestations of innocence were so terrible that I’d convinced even the Traitor that I was on his Evil team!



Killing off the nobility in Guillotine!


Killer Bunnies

All I wanted was a cute little bunny to call my own… I promised to keep her safe and give her water and cabbages and as many carrots as I could afford!!! … But when I did get one my elation was shortlived – jealous Kirsty lay in wait with a cruel trap that shredded my little bunny before she even got to smell the cabbage…


Cafe Games: Killer Bunnies Card Game

Danger! Killer Bunnies!!!


Irene was introducing us to the cult card game Killer Bunnies (And The Search For The Magic Carrot). In this silly, chaotic cartoon card game you have to find some rabbits and keep them alive – feeding them when they’re hungry and trying to avoid the deathtraps set by the other players. All the while you’re trying to earn enough money to buy carrots in the hope that one will turn out to be the fabled Magic Carrot that will win you the game.



Concentrating on Boggle


The classic word-find game Boggle seemed to be a hit with more and more people joining in the battle of wits. After trying to guess words from the sidelines for a while I was suprised to be told that you could only use letters that were next to each other! I didn’t remember that at all. Either I’ve totally forgotten, or I’d always played it incorrectly! 🙂

It certainly reduces the number of words you can make.

Perpetual Commotion


Ready? GO!!!!!


More “Guillotine”


It's the French Revolution! Time to chop up the Upper Class!


Cockroach Poker


Is he trying to trick you?


Settlers of Catan

Bang! Wild West Showdown!


The good, the bad ... and the perplexed ...


Pandemic – save the world from disease


Saving the World is a hungry business! (Yes the world map is in there somewhere!)


I’ll post some more of my backlog photos later!!


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