March Meetup at MyCube

26 Mar

Back into the blogging! Too much time playing boardgames I guess!

Sorry, but despite my slackness at blogging, we’ve had lots of great boardgaming adventures in the meantime, with our regular two boardgames events every month, and this time we caught up at MyCube again …

I had never played “Apples To Apples” before, but I’d heard that it was quite a popular party game, good for icebreaking, so when I saw it on the shelf at MyCube I thought we’d better give it a whirl.

Remember “nouns” and “adjectives” from English class at school? For those of you who have never done English (or any other language), a “noun” is a “name of a thing” like a book, a car, or a hovercraft. An “adjective” is a describing word like “angry”, “bold”, “relaxed”, “bright”.

What's "puffy"? Caterpillars? Kilts? Lawyers? Bagpipes? Oprah?

In this game, first you have someone play a green card in the centre of the table – that will be an adjective, and everyone else rummages through the red noun cards in their hands, looking for one that will (in some way) match the adjective. The first player then gets to choose the card he thinks is the best match – even if it just makes him laugh, and the person who played that card gets a point, and the game continues.

We had some very bizarre comparisons. One time the adjective was “awesome” and amongst the options were cheesecake, Ghandi, rock songs, trains … but as awesome as some of those things are, clearly I can’t go past cheesecake!!

Playing Scopa! (see the Italian Cards?)

Virginia brough out an exotic Italian deck of cards, and we had a few rounds of the classic Italian game Scopa, although when she started to introduce some more complex rules that she wasn’t very sure about, we started getting increasingly confused 🙂

Monopoly - presumably just before things turn mean!

Some of the folks decided to play Monopoly. Not a huge favourite of mine, but they were engrossed in the game for a couple of hours at least! Leave me some comments below, let me know how it went?

We also had a variety of other games including, Perpetual Commotion, “Are You The Traitor?”, (and I suspect “Man Bites Dog” was in there too ?) and also these games …


Playing "Uno!"

Playing Sitting Ducks Gallery (while trying to get out of the sun!)

Sitting Ducks Gallery is always lots of silly fun … trying to knock other people’s cartoon rubber ducks out of the lineup while trying to dash past the gun targets, or hide behind other ducks!


Dramas From “Werewolf”

Naturally again we played a couple of rounds of the psychological game Werewolf, still using my “Angry Mob” cutthroat voting technique.

Daniel raised some suspicion by insisting at first that he wanted to wear dark glasses. Was he trying to “hide those lyin’ eyes” or protect his eyes from the glare of the sun? In the end he decided against them, but the crowd was already suspicious.

Later he was seen whispering to a nearby player – totally acceptable under the game rules. It’s a good way to pass on suspicions about other players without everyone finding out and making yourself more of a target – especially if you’re the hidden Fortune Teller.

Not long afterwards, Jane roused a lynch mob against Peter, on the grounds that she just “felt” he was a lying Werewolf. After Peter had been strung up, it was discovered he was an innocent Villager and Jane was perplexed. She claimed she wasn’t a part of a plot to get rid of the Villagers, but had been lead astray by Daniel. Daniel retorted that he’d said nothing of the sort, that he’d merely been explaining to Jane how the game was played. Hmmm who to trust?

Later with the village much decimated by werewolf attack, Latha announced she thought Daniel was suspicious, and was starting to call for his eradication, when he reassured her that he wasn’t a werewolf, and that it would be a bad move to wipe out another villager. Luckily she withdrew her accusation.

Lucky for the werewolves that was!!

In the second round we spiced things up by introducing the Hunter – who gets the power to shoot (kill) someone else as well when he dies, and the Lovers – a pair of players who can’t live without the other – when one dies, so does the other. Naturally these identities are also secret (except the lovers know each other).

At one stage Latha was mounting a case against one suspicious chap (Peter?). “Don’t do it!” he threatened, “I’m the hunter, if I go, I’ll take you with me!!!”

Things were tense for a bit. Was he a werewolf, trying to psych her out? Was she a werewolf, trying to pick off weak villagers? In the end, she went for it, and after the dust had cleared, the village had lost two more of its own, and the werewolves were still unscathed.

Outspoken villager Daniel learnt first hand how fickle the angry mob can be. Enthusiastically leaping to his feet and denouncing Islam as being a werewolf, he didn’t expect the lack of support from the crowd. Did they still distrust him from the previous game, or were they convinced by Islam’s beatific smile? We may never know, but when his attempts to rally failed, the suspicious crowd turned on him and sealed his fate.

Perhaps Daniel should have been more cautious, as with his death came the heartbroken demise of Nikki, his “starcrossed lover”. Another two more deaths for the Villagers!

And yes, Islam was a werewolf.

I’ve been thinking that our Yak Bar nights are most popular when we have a particular focus on them. In January we had a special “Five Hundred” night where we all played the card game and taught anyone who didn’t know. Maybe we should do something similar in April?


3 Responses to “March Meetup at MyCube”

  1. Kirsten March 28, 2010 at 9:55 am #

    Looks like a fabulous time was had by all.

    There are a couple of games you’ve suggested for the yakbar that I haven’t played before but would like to learn. I’m more interested in the act of playing games for fun rather than what game we play. Card games mean less to carry of course. 🙂

    • Christopher March 28, 2010 at 4:50 pm #

      Yeah personally I think that it doesn’t matter what we play, but we get a massively bigger attendance when I advertise the events as being just one game in particular. Having specific “500 Nights” has previously drawn heaps of people.

      And then other people at the Saturday events ask me if I know of any groups where they can play 500, or Rummikub, or Scrabble. I’m missing something? They can play them with us?

  2. Ross March 28, 2010 at 2:52 pm #

    Looks like you had fun. I’m quite partial to games like Cranium, Taboo, Pictionary, and quiz games. They’re good icebreakers.

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