A Yak November

6 Dec

Well, the weather was hot, but the cider was cool and deliciously amber!

It was great to catch up at the Yak Bar, meeting up with some old faces and some new ones. Although it was stinkin’ hot outside we had a great time chatting and playing boardgames inside…

After our traditional few rounds of the rowdy card game Perpetual Commotion, I’d managed to actually get my score into the positive. Was this an all-time high for me? Flushed with success, I suggested we quit while I was ahead, and we moved on…

Perpetual Pandemic?

… to save the world from the devastation of disease Pandemics!

It was an unusual game this time. Normally bad luck ensures that one particular country will get so hammered by a disease that many outbreaks occur, rapidly pushing the world to the brink of doomsday. This time however the diseases were fairly evenly spread throughout the world, buying us time to work on cures, and exchange research.

The worst hit area was the Middle East, much to the exasperation of our Medic “Cleaner”, Islam, who grabbed his soap and headed for Cairo, announcing he’d make it his responsibility to fix the hygiene of his homeland.

Luck must have been on our side, as a second Epidemic occured within two cards of a previous one (it’s possible!) meaning its impact was greatly diminished – the “hotspot” cities had fewer disease flare ups.

Our luck started running out rapidly as we raced to complete the fourth and final cure, with outbreaks going off everywhere, but we did manage to just scrape it in by the skin of our teeth. Even slightly longer and I think we’d have been done for!

Another win for the “introductory” level. I wonder whether anyone would be game to try the next difficulty level, with more Epidemics? 🙂

Down the other end of the table, more silliness was going down, with a few folks playing games of Uno and Fluxx. I gather Kirsty won every single game? Pfft Glendon, what’s happened to your mind powers now? Later (presumably attempting to find a game he’d win) Glendon taught them how to play some card game he’d invented. I didn’t get to sit in, but I’m sure it was an interesting game, as I know Glendon is intrigued by games such as Mao and Eleusis.

Lastly we played a few rounds of “Are You The Traitor?“, the quickfire psychological game where you try to tell who’s lying. A bit like the film/book “Lord of The Rings”, the game tells the story of a group of adventurers carrying a magic ring (or key) who encounter an Evil Wizard and a Good Wizard but can’t tell which to give the ring to. You can play the game with more wizards, but we’ve found that isn’t so fun.

In the first game, a new player was designated one of the Wizards and suprisingly declared she was the Evil Wizard!?? Usually no-one admits to being the Evil Wizard – it’s like shooting yourself in the foot – normally will lose the game for you! But this time people weren’t sure if she was the Good Wizard playing some clever mind trick. Me being the Traitor, I hoped she was indeed evil as I was trying to subtly kick her under the table to indicate who I thought she could grab the Key from – but she didn’t seem to notice. In the end the guy holding the key jumped up and gave it to her … bzzzt …. she was indeed the Evil (but honest) Wizard!! Hmmm complex tactic that one! 😉

In a later round, both Glendon and Islam were the Wizards, and both swore that they were each the innocent Good Wizard and the other was the Evil one. Naturally suspicion fell on Glendon, since, well, he’s rather sneaky in these games, and usually turns out to be on the evil team. But was that too obvious? When we grilled Islam, he protested that not only was he the Good Wizard, he was in fact the BEST wizard, and that we shouldn’t fall for evil Glendon’s crafty wiles. I could see that his pleas were honest and heartfelt, so I handed him the Key … much to his delight as he was in fact Evil. Drat!

Hope to see you all at the Games Picnic in the Carlton Gardens on Dec 12th! Lots of fun, boardgames and hijinks! It will be the final official Cafe Games event for the year, but don’t let that stop you from running your own games events with friends – remember all you needs is a pack of cards! (But why not visit a Games Shop for boardgames to play over Xmas?)

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4 Responses to “A Yak November”

  1. Jess December 7, 2009 at 11:20 am #

    I still can’t believe I’ve never managed to get in on a game of Pandemic where the players win! I refuse to believe it can be done until I see it with my own eyes 😉

  2. Jess December 7, 2009 at 11:32 am #

    Any of those Defective Yeti games tickle your fancy? Tobago sounds interesting…

    • Christopher December 7, 2009 at 12:59 pm #

      I’ve read a couple of reviews of Dixit, which sounds weird and silly. Here’s one bizarre review: http://drakesflames.blogspot.com/2009/11/party-game-review-dixit.html

      I’d overlooked Tobago … sounds intriguing, tho I’m not sure I totally understand how it works … another review: http://deathofmonopoly.blogspot.com/2009/11/first-impressions-of-tobago.html

      hehe “Death of Monopoly” – good name!

      • Jess December 7, 2009 at 3:41 pm #

        Dixit sounds great! That review is classic:
        “In my several years as a game reviewer, I have played some very odd games. There’s one where a retarded, myopic giant gives small children multiple contusions because he thinks they’re fish sticks…But for sheer proof-of-stoned weird, I think Dixit takes the cake. It’s also proof that games don’t have to make sense to be fun.”

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