November: Blackmail, Poison and Disease!

20 Nov

November already!?! This time  it was great to see a few of you brought some of your own boardgames, and we played a great variety  including Poison, Boggle, Chess, Werewolf, Blackmail, Pandemic, Draughts, Rummikub, Trouble and of course Perpetual Commotion …

Ready? Set? Go!!!!!

Perpetual Commotion

This quick-draw card game is such a popular opening game, I guess because the rules are simple and because when you’re playing fast you’ve got no time to be shy!

Going Retro, with "Trouble" - POP-O-MATIC!!


Great to get back to funky 70s boardgames with Trouble and its legendary “pop-o-matic” – a “popping” device that makes it easier to roll dice! (Since when was that difficult?) I couldn’t believe that my pieces kept getting sent back to the beginning, when others who’d never played before had most of their pieces over the finish line! Grrr!

Rummikub @ "MyKube"


I haven’t brought my set along for a while, so it was great to see Jason introducing lots of people to this simple but clever game. It seemed that all day there was someone somewhere playing Rummikub. (BTW I know people who play this game and only this game every day!)


It was great to see such a well balanced team playing this game. Each of you  was up for the tricky challenge of saving the world from the diseases, and made thoughtful  contributions to the team strategy. Unfortunately you didn’t manage to beat the diseases (too many “chain-reaction” outbreaks!) – but you certainly came amazingly close for folks who’d never played the game before!

Draughts: Um ... was it my turn?


This was the first time I’d played this boardgame which I recently bought mainly because it looked pretty (black cards with vibrant images of glass bottles containing colourful liquids). A light but fun game – choose which cauldron to put your potion card into each turn, making sure you don’t overload the cauldron and have to take all its cards … especially if someone’s dropped poison in it.

Blackmail: Don't trust these folks


I can’t say I’ve ever heard of this one before, but you guys seemed to launch into it with gusto, and some of you were so dedicated that you kept playing long after one of you announced “this game’s missing a rule!” Whether or not that was true I can’t say. Hopefully the game came with a rules book? For others who don’t know this game either, I’ve read that it’s about strategically setting up cameras that other players may be caught by and then have to negotiate a “blackmail” fee with you. (“Blackmail” on BGG)


Had a couple of fabulous games of Werewolf. This time we tried out the “Angry Mob” style of voting I suggested in “We Are The Angry Mob”, where the first person to get at least half of the mob voting for them is killed, and also the funny idea of making cow and zombie noises at night from “Whitecollar Werewolves”. Braaains!!!

The first game had quite a cruel twist of fate with a happy couple sitting together, hand in hand … with her blissfully unaware that he was a leering werewolf, sneaking out at night and murdering her fellow villagers. On the other hand, he was in the dark regarding her nocturnal activities as the Seer, Werewolf Public Enemy #1.

The cynical amongst you may wonder whether they really were totally oblivious – after all how could they possibly keep any secrets from one another? Certainly she didn’t ever try to use her detection magic on him – had he already given himself away by a glint in his eye? Late in the game, feeling her mortality, she suggested that she’d heard from “sources” that he and two others might be the werewolves. Unfortunately for the village, no one realised what vital information that was.

In the end, the game came down to a “Mexican standoff” between Ross and Hamish with each each accusing the other of being a werewolf, and each trying to convince first-timer Jim to side with them. Totally at a loss, and with night falling fast, Jim cast his vote against Ross, perhaps remembering earlier suspicions about his “cheeky grin” … but that grin was nothing next to Hamish’s smirk as he triumphantly revealed his wolf card, and won the game!

The second game went considerably better for the villagers, despite suspicion being leveled at Jim for “being excited when he looked at his card”. Jim protested that he was just excited to be playing the game and kept pleading not to be killed as  “I’m just an innocent villager who grows olive trees!” … but did people believe him?

Later a lone werewolf was stalking prey in the night, when she picked Jason as an easy target. Little did she know, but Jason was the Hunter, and with his “final shot” he AMAZINGLY targetted Nikki … who was indeed the werewolf … what luck! And so he won the game for the villagers!!


In other news:

  • A friend of mine went to the famous “SPIEL” (game) convention in Essen, in Germany. See photos of some of the games he tried.
  • Cafe Games events: Yak Bar next thursday,  and a games picnic is being planned for December – keep your eyes on the Calendar!

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