Games @ Anti Football Lunch

2 Oct

On Saturday 26th, the majority of Melbournians decided to celebrate their cavemen ancestry, growling, yelling and screaming at a bunch of men wrestling in short shorts, and kicking away a pigskin whenever it got too close to their shorts.

Those of us elite who have risen above such behaviour, knew we should rejoice in our own way, to celebrate the end of the football season.

Rather hamstrung by the regular organisers the “Anti Football League” going mysteriously silent this year, we did not have the usual media connections to advertise the event, but we made do with what we had and invited along anti-fans from GetALife, Cafe Games, and a coterie of die-hard Anti-Footballers to the North Fitzroy Star Hotel, site of the previous year’s official Anti Football Lunch. It’s a delightfully quaint little place.

Gotta love a pub that has its own boardgames!

Gotta love a pub that has its own boardgames!(Click for an annotated picture)

We gathered in one of their gorgeous rooms, and had a great afternoon, wining, dining, chatting, and playing raucous boardgames.

2/3 of the unofficial Anti-Football gathering

2/3 of the unofficial Anti-Football gatheringCluedo on the left

After lunch and generally chatting about life, we knuckled down to play some boardgames. YW was keen to bring out her “Cluedo Remastered” again, and this time managed to win (obviously because I wasn’t playing! hehe).

I introduced another bunch to “Perpetual Commotion“, to their initial dubious scepticism – which became a manic desire to play nothing else!! eek! What is it about a simplistic card-slapping game that gets people so worked up? hehe

Cluedo table

Cluedo table

Later Gen introduced us to “Liars Dice” – a poker dice sort of game reminiscent of that dice game played in the last “Pirates of the Carribean” movie – except this time shaking the dice in a dainty teacup borrowed from the hotel.

Square Balls!

Square Balls!

About now Anti Football organiser Greg gave an impromptu speech to thank everyone for coming, and read out some heart-warming messages sent through in response to the Anti Football event. Apparently because we don’t like football we’re nothing but bags of crap, and “Australians love football, so if you don’t like it you can just leave”, and that if we wipe out football we’ll ruin millions of lives. Um … yes … us and our dread army sweeping over the land. That isn’t really the point of the Anti Football League.

Later we rounded up nine players to make three teams for Cranium. It’s great that the standard edition of Cranium you can buy here is Australian themed, but oddly enough neither of my team mates were Australian, and so we worried that they wouldn’t know how to act like an ABC Tv Personality or guess the Aussie songs. Needn’t have worried, we managed to cope anyway, with YW drawing an excellent “Bananas in Pajamas”. On the other hand, epic fails included my attempt to explain nappy rash with stick figures, David’s never-ending attempt to hum …. something …, Sally’s attempt to hum and whistle “Like a Virgin” (despite barely knowing the song) and whatever intricate work of art Mary was trying to create in the picture below:

Mary tries her hand at clay sculpture, in Cranium

Mary tries her hand at clay sculpture, in Cranium

It came down to a close match in the end!!

Ignoring the chants of those wanting to play “Perpetual Commotion” again, I brought out “Fluxx“, promising a zany, madcap experience, however after one hand, they still wanted to play PC, so I acquiesced, and they leapt back into playing that until they were so tired their arms nearly dropped off!! I know that some of those guys are thinking of buying the game themselves. If they can just remember the name …. 😉


3 Responses to “Games @ Anti Football Lunch”

  1. Ross October 14, 2009 at 10:36 am #

    If I knew Cranium was being played, I might have come. Unfortunately, seeing Geelong win the premiership (just) seemed more important on the day.

    • Christopher October 14, 2009 at 11:01 am #

      “seemed more important”?? Yes, but clearly you were wrong. 😛

      Dear me, some people have their priorities all wrong.

  2. Christopher August 31, 2010 at 2:31 am #

    The 2010 Anti Football League event will run on 25th September 2010, once again at the North Fitzroy Star Hotel, from midday to 6pm. Any fellow sufferers welcome to join us.

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