September: Mars? Venus? Pandemic!!

14 Sep

Well, had another fun Cafe Games on Saturday.

Started off again with the random, rapid chaos of “Perpetual Commotion“, much to the bewilderment of those who arrived while we were playing. Intriguingly Stuart didn’t win every game, tho maybe that was because we banned him from the first few 😉

Others started playing “Why Did The Chicken…?” a strange sounding boardgame with all sorts of weird hypotheticals posed. I didn’t get to see that game much, and not sure how well it went down – perhaps not well as before I knew it that group were into the ever popular boardgame “Cranium“, all humming and acting etc …

Another group managed to find my “Sitting Ducks Gallery“, and seemed to be happily taking pot-shots at each others’ colourful cartoon ducks.

Four of us banded together as a crack medical squad in to save the world from devastating disease “Pandemics”, and colourful cubes. Hey whaddya know – with time running out we just managed to scrape it in!!! Actually that’s the first time I’ve been on a winning team! Went quite well despite why usual misgivings about co-operative boardgames. (Also helped us learn some geography!!)

Some one brought along a lovely leather Backgammon set and I saw a couple of games of that being relearnt and played. Sorry to the lady who said she was trounced – try playing me some time, I reckon you’d have to win then, I’m pretty crap at it!

By now a large gang of the others had separated into two large teams – The Guys and The Girls, and were playing “Men are From Mars, Women Are From Venus“. Sounded pretty raucous and was full of lots of guessing what guys or girls would do or say in particular situations. Do men envy other men’s a) money, b) power, c) women? Sex for men, is like what for women? a) conversation, b) patience, c) respect. I think one team had to pick the “right” answer and the other team had to guess what it was. Obviously there are separate cards for men and women. I don’t think the girl who’d brought that had played it before, but I think she had a great time.

Despite calls from a rematch from the losing team, we all moved on to playing “Werewolf” with my “Millers Hollow” cards. My memory of the intrigue is patchy but I remember a stellar performance from Andrea, secretly a werewolf, being very forthright and directing the mob of villagers to attack a variety of innocent targets. One villager thought she saw a suspicious “voting bloc” who seemed to be working together, but alas she was on the wrong track and had her head ripped off during the night. “Fortune Teller” Sally didn’t want to sign her death warrant by being too obvious, but unfortunately she had to get the information she’d discovered to the villagers, and some hidden traitor made sure she didn’t last the night. Glendon was delighted that for the first time people didn’t decide to lynch him just because he looks sneaky, which shows that people should go with their gut instinct because he was indeed a werewolf!! And who could believe that innocent Linda was a werewolf again? Luckily, somehow, with only 4 people remaining, the surviving villagers decided she did look a kinda shifty and made the risky choice of killing her off. Woo! Win for the villagers!

Following that, some of us had a bash at the “kids casino game” “Cloud 9” sailing our balloon up and down the board, gambling when it would fall and with my good self acting as croupier. Some big scores were made during the game – one of the max 25 and another 20, ensuring a fairly swift game, with Peter B winning by a clear yard.

By this stage some people were playing “Fluxx” (v4) and no doubt becoming perplexed by its ever shifting rules and squishy chocolate silliness. Copying them, my table also decided to play Fluxx, but went for the “Monty Python Fluxx” version. As usual, rules about speaking in silly accents, singing songs and quoting lines were quickly squashed by spoilspots who evidently didn’t like my singing. There was lots of card stealing and as I recall the winner stole a nude organist !

I hope everyone had a good time, and look forward to seeing some of you on the 26th September, for the Anti-Football Lunch & Games, or next month’s Cafe Games, probably on Sat 17th October!


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